1 About FLGNTLT and our products

A. The item I want to purchase is sold out.

Sold-out products or sizes will not be back in stock. Our products are only available in limited quantities as they are not mass produced.

Every first Thursday evening of each month we present new products online. Their release is previously announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We like to give all customers a fair chance, so none of our products can be reserved prior to its release.

B. How can I get FLGNTLT stickers?

Our stickers cannot be bought, they are given out at tuning events by our media team.

D.Size guide and caring for our products

An overview of the sizes of our products can be found in our size chart.

Please follow the care instructions on the label. Most of our clothing items can be washed inside out at 30° C. Please do not tumble dry our products, but carefully hang them up. Always iron our garments on the reverse side.

Caps, coats and jackets are generally not washable.

2 Returns & Complaints

A. Returning an item

Please send back the unused product and the delivery slip within 14 days of the delivery date. Returns are generally refunded, provided that the item is returned correctly. Should any problems occur, please contact our Customer Service. More detailed information about returning an item can be found in the “Return and Withdrawal” section.

B. How can I exchange an item?C. When and how is my payment refunded?D. I have received a faulty item / Warranty

B. How can I exchange an item?

If you want to exchange an item, just send it back to us and directly order the new product on our Shop. The processing and delivery time will thus be much shorter, as you will immediately know if the item you want is available and also receive it more quickly.

C. When and how will my payment be refunded?

The paid amount will be refunded via the original payment method.

If you have chosen payment in advance, the amount will be transferred back to your bank account. The bank transfer can take up to five working days to be completed.

If you have chosen Paypal. the amount will be immediately transferred back to your PayPal account.

For payments with debit, credit card and invoice, the payment will be booked via PayPal. The amount will then be transferred back using the original payment method. It can take up to 16 days for the transfer to be completed and there is no possibility to accelerate this process. Should any problems occur, you can contact PayPal Customer Service.

D. I received a faulty item / an item is missing

If the item you have received is faulty or damaged, please send us an email with pictures of the problem at shop@flgntlt.com . Please do not forget to include your order number as well as the name of the item.

To claim warranty, please submit a request writing how the damage came into being. The warranty period covers 24 months starting from the moment in which the item was delivered to you. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by natural wear or inappropriate use.

3 Shipping and delivery

A. Will I be notified when my order ships?

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number, which will allow you to follow the status of the delivery. Items sent as letters cannot be tracked.

B. I have already made the payment, but the order still shows as "Payment Pending".

It usually takes a few days for a bank transfer to be completed. This depends on your bank and there is no way in which we can speed up the process. Payments are registered by our accountants one day after their receipt. Only then will your item be prepared for shipment.

-Please note: the status of your current order is shown at the top of the history list. Your orders are sorted chronologically from bottom to top.

4 Account/Log in

A. I am having problems with login/registration

Please do not use any capital letters when entering your e-mail address, as they are not recognized by our system during the registration process. Please make sure that no empty spaces are left in the description field and please do not use the auto-fill function of your browser.

If you do not remember your password, you can click on “Forgot your password?” and request a new one to your e-mail address.

B. My account is blocked

Your account will automatically be unlocked within 24 hours. You can also ask us to unlock your account via email.

D. How can I change my billing and shipping address?

You can change your addresses from your account under Account Details.

Changing shipping and billing addresses for active orders is not possible from your account. If you used PayPal (Plus) for your payment, it is not allowed to change any of the addresses due to the Paypal Buyer and Seller Protection regulations. If you chose payment in advance we can change your details until your order has been shipped, just write us an e-mail with the correct information at shop@flgntlt.com .