Payment Methods

  • Payment in advancePayment in advance

    Simply and safely transfer the amount to our bank account within 14 days. Have you accidentally ordered some unwanted items? We can change your order, as it will be first processed once the payment has been received.

  • paypalPayPal Plus – PayPal, debit, credit card, invoice

    Different payment methods are available with PayPal Plus:

    Payments on are quick, easy and safe with PayPal. If you make the payment using your PayPal account, we will receive confirmation from PayPal immediately and start processing your order straight away.

    Alternatively, you can use PayPal Plus to pay by debit (available only in Germany), credit card and invoice (available only in Germany). A PayPal account is not required for these payment methods.

    Please note that PayPal will run a quick check before activating the payment service. If a form of payment is not available, please try with a different one.

Bank Information

Please note that if you have selected invoice as form of payment, you will have to use the PayPal bank details indicated in the invoice. The following bank details are for payment in advance only.

Owner German eTrade GmbH
Bank Name Deutsche Bank
IBAN DE37870700240699998100

Payment fees may apply for foreign bank transfers, in which case they are to be paid in full by the customer. We recommend SEPA bank transfer.