No Dust, No Glory

"Hi, my name is Schaefchen and I collect and destroy cars professionally."

With this sentence he introduced himself as a jury member at the Ultrace event. 
His philosophy: Rally and race cars are not museum pieces, but belong on the track. When the pulse and the adrenaline level immediately skyrocket at the sound of the engine roaring, that's race feeling. He says of himself that he is the "other car collector".


With the Flgntlt x Schaefchen Collab Collection we bring the Rally Club into your wardrobe. The rally theme connects us and our common passion for the automotive scene. With comfortable, cool and easy to style pieces, the Capsule Collection can be combined with each other in a relaxed way or worn with jeans, cargo pants and sweats. With the neutral colours Ivory, White and Dust Black, you're always well on your way, on or off the track.

In spring 2022 we met Schaefchen at the Wörthersee and checked out samples together. For us, too, it was a different sample check, directly on the trunk. Actually, it's exactly what we all live. Fashion and car culture. It couldn't have been brought together any better.


Among all the cars Schaefchen has added to his collection, there are now numerous rally cars. The most controversial among them is certainly the Nissan Skyline, which he has fitted with additional lights. A no-go? For many, the Nissan GTR is sacred and unimaginable in rally style. But in the end, it's how Schaefchen lives it: a car is made to be used.

This is the basis of the idea of the Rally Club on the one hand, and "No Dust, No Glory" on the other.

What would suit someone named Schaefchen better than a super soft, creamy white fleece jacket? 
We also took the opportunity to make a wish come true - something we've always wanted to do: a Knit Sweater. Perfect for fall and it fits right in with that Rally feel. Plus, the Knit Sweater is soft as sheep's wool, too.

If you check the pieces: Fleece Jacket and Knit Sweater we cut pretty oversized. We recommend sizing down for the perfect TLT look.