Fall / Winter 2021


It's that time of year again: time for the Winter Essentials. And this time the focus was on simplicity. As a contrast to the bright, colourful Summer Essentials, we have once again reduced the Essentials FW21 to the essentials, working with muted, earthy tones and minimalist details, but still not skimping on quality and style. You can expect some new, very popular pieces as well as all-time favourites, an optimised fit and even a new processing technique.


As a counterpoint to the Essentials SS21, we are focusing on the three muted shades Ash, Sand and Graphite in winter, which run through the entire collection, i.e. as a year ago with the Essentials FW20/21, there will be pants, tees and tops in the respective colour, so that you can either wear the tonal look completely or combine the colours with each other. Thus, despite or even because of its simplicity, the collection offers an extremely high degree of variation. What is special this year, however, is that we have decided not to bring only hoodies. Instead, we spent a long time working on the individual products that are always very popular with you and optimised them so that they appear in the Essentials with the perfect cut and you can enjoy them for a long time: Ash Zip Hoodie, Sand Crewneck & Graphite Hoodie.

The same goes for the accessories, by the way: we're bringing back our bestsellers, the socks - as always as a single pack and a 3-pack - as well as a nice, clean cap and - drum roll - finally beanies this year! Like the tops, each accessory is only available in one of the three collection colours, but can be easily combined with literally everything.


Especially with such minimalist collections as the Essentials, it is all the more important to pay attention to details such as high-quality embroidery, material, workmanship, etc. This time we have deliberately chosen a different dyeing technique: garment dye. With this method, the raw cotton, which in this state has a creamy white tone, is first sewn together before it is dyed. Usually, the fabric is dyed first and then sewn together. Why did we choose this method? The garment dye gives the material an effect that looks similar to a wash. The problem with washes, however, is that the resulting colour usually drifts in a certain direction, e.g. a beige is not pure beige but has a green undertone. We get around this with garment dye - creating the look of a wash, so to speak, but which is actually a dye.

The embroidery is tonal (as typical for Essentials). Due to the garment dye, no print would have been possible in this case, as it would have been affected by the dyeing. By the way, the garment dye has made the waistband and seams a little lighter, which we think is a nice detail and adds to the overall look.


Overall, we have made sure to optimise all the cuts for the Essentials, i.e. the tops all have our 2021 Fit. For the pants, we have slightly reworked the cut so that they now taper slightly towards the bottom. This makes it easier to stack and prevents it from overlapping. The legs have also become a little longer, so that the fit is now also very suitable for women who want to wear the pants high-waisted. Size-wise, the entire collection can be worn in the normal size. If you want to wear the trousers a little looser, you can go up a size in the pants.


This year, the Winter Essentials collection shoot took place not in the studio but in a very special building that simply fits the collection perfectly: Hans Scharoun's Haus Schminke in Löbau. The light-flooded villa in the sleepy little town is one of the four most important Classical Modernist residences in the world, was built in the New Building style and conveys precisely the combination of simplicity and attention to detail that we also place so much value on in the Essentials. The colours of the furnishings and materials used are reflected in the collection colours and the atmosphere of the building has a simply unique effect in combination with the feeling we wanted to achieve during the shoot and for the trailer. A very special bonus: Alex's white Ferrari 348 GTS, which he made available to us for the shoot. Thanks again for that!


21 NOV 2021 | 12:00 Noon CET