10 Years


The foundation of flgntlt: car culture, motorsport, aesthetics and style, all brought together in the highest quality to celebrate 10 years anniversary.

The right colors and fabrics have always been an important key feature in flgntlt's 10-year history, further developed and perfected over the past few years so that each collection has a completely coordinated concept. Orange Rust, Crown Blue and British Racing Green to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

Last but not least, Flgntlt is also known for new styles. So we bring elegance and racing together to complete the look for our 10th anniversary.

Never Not Working.

Our motto, which has evolved over the years from our philosophy and way of working, is now an integral part of the brand and slogan for the whole project. 

Flgntlt is more than just a job for us - it has become a passion that surrounds our daily lives and motivates us to always develop new ideas. 

For more than 10 years now, creative minds and dedicated employees have been working to push the brand further and further. Countless collections, collaborations and events have paved the way for Flgntlt's growth. Not every idea is a guarantee for success, but the ambition not to stand still drives us to always set new standards. 

What once started as a fringe project of felgenoutlet developed into a full-fledged fashion brand within 10 years. Merch for felgenoutlet and the media team at the time became complete streetwear collections with comprehensive campaigns and shootings. That's what we call Flgntlt (pronounced: Felgentilt) today. 

At the same time, we don't want to lose sight of our roots and love everything that revolves around automotive themes. From racing to tuning to classics, all Flgntlt collections have always been dedicated to automotive themes. The quality has also constantly evolved so that today we can offer you products that are both durable and high quality as well as affordable. Our fabrics and products are refined with numerous, elaborate processes and make Flgntlt products what they are today and what our community has come to love and appreciate. 

Behind this is the absolute focus on always achieving the best result. All Flgntlt products are specially developed by us. From the first mood board, the design phase and cut development to the elaborate production of the goods, the shooting and marketing, everything goes through our hands. We are incredibly proud of this and are of course delighted to have convinced you to order from us. 

In the background of Flgntlt, there are of course many processes that you normally don't notice. From our own warehouse and storage system, to support and logistics, to complex marketing campaigns and customer loyalty programmes, everything is developed in-house. 

We also want to say thank you: for every single customer who supports us with their order and accompanies us on our way. Our successful releases and events have figuratively shown us how much support comes from you. That is what drives us and keeps this rather small project alive. 

Despite our size, we can also look back on overwhelming collaborations that have shaped us and taken us a big step forward again and again. We would therefore like to thank all the partners we have had the pleasure of working with over the past 10 years. From small and large brands from the automotive scene to global companies like Alpha Industries or Casio. And that's not the end of the story. At the end of 2022, you can expect something that has never been seen before. 

So thank you for 10 years of Flgntlt and everything that is yet to come. 

Never Not Working. 

For you.

Your Flgntlt Team 


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